Watch new video for 'Mar-a-Lago' from latest album Do Right.

Sugar Candy Mountain has today shared the music video for the track 'Mar-a-Lago' off their latest album Do Right. The video directed by Arsenii Vaselenko shows the band in a typically 70's pastiche disco scene that combines Abba stylings with contemporaries such as Daft Punk. Do Right is out now on PIAPTK Records. Band member Ash Reiter said of the album:
"much of the album was written during the election and inauguration of Trump. Like many, I found myself trying to understand how this could be possible, wondering what to do next. Of course as a musician I wrote a song. What I saw was a lost generation, a mass of people that felt voiceless and vaguely unsatisfied with life. All these people were looking for something and hoped Trump could give it to them."
'Mar-a-Lago' is written from that generation's perspective, pleading: "Lead me on, lead me somewhere, I just want what I deserve/ Lead me on, lead me somewhere, make me someone, make me yours". Reiter continued:
"I have felt all these feelings; wanting someone to show the way, someone to satisfy your unnamed gnawing desires, to matter, to belong. When broken down this way I could begin to empathize with people I previously couldn't even fathom."
Do Right features the band remaining rooted in 60’s and 70’s rock, with signature honey-sweet vocals. Leaning more heavily on synthesizer than previous records which gives the album a more contemporary feel. Do Right is out now - click here to order the album. Check out the video for 'Mar-a-Lago' below. Sugar Candy Mountain tour dates: 16th June - Leggett, CA – Hickey Fest 23rd June - Miami FL – Miami Psych Fest Photo Credit: Yasamine June