Sunflower Bean run us through their top 5 tour bus listens, track by track.

Brooklyn rock group, Sunflower Bean, released a blazing sophomore LP Twentytwo in Blue last week and are currently in the midst of a UK/EU tour, supporting their new record. Twentytwo in Blue has just hit the UK Top 40 album chart, an exciting first for them. Having already completed a North American tour this year, the band are well acquainted with the long road. Every touring musician is familiar with the soul-saving qualities a tour bus playlist can provide. The songs which have helped them get through the neverending next-stops, the songs that keep them 'pumped', or help bring them down after the post-show buzz. We asked Sunflower Bean to run us through their go-to top 5 tour bus tracks. Here's what they had to say, track by track:

 'Last Nite' - The Strokes

Julia: The strokes are a band that we always agree on in the car. When Sunflower Bean started, Nick and Jacob didn't really know about The Strokes. They thought they were just not for them or something. And then we (me and our manager Crista) showed them Is This It and blew their damn minds. If someone is in a bad mood, put on Is This It. Someone is hungry? Put on Is This It. Last Nite is the quintessential song from the record, and it deserves to be on our favourite tour bus tracks.

 'Mass Production' - Iggy Pop

Julia: This is a song that stresses me out, but I like it. If something doesn’t make me feel a little sick, did I really feel it at all? This song kind of feels like a panic attack and is good for weird moods. But if we’re in traffic, forget about it, it’s too stressful and we have to turn it off. But still! Check it out!!!! 

 'Through the Wire'  - Kanye West

Julia: Do I really have to explain this one? It’s amazing. Kanye is rapping with his jaw wired shut!!!! There’s nothing to make you feel more inspired for a show than someone (Kanye) who can still rap after getting into a car accident and breaking his jaw. 

 'On the Road Again' - Canned Heat

Nick: This is my ultimate night time driving track, it’s so ominous and creepy in the best way. The psychedelic drone sounds like a ghost driving a motorcycle across the desert in the moonlight.

 'A Milli' - Lil Wayne

Jacob: For some reason, this song is often played after a long drive as we are rolling into a new city. Its the perfect wake up/pump up song for a solid load in and soundcheck! Take a listen to Sunflower Bean's top five tour tracks below. Their second LP, Twentytwo In Blue came out 23rd of March via Mom + Pop records for more info see here. Tour Dates: 28/3 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK @ Riverside 29/3 - Leeds, UK @ Wardrobe 30/3 - Manchester, UK @ Gorilla 31/3 - Liverpool, UK @ The Magnet 01/4 - Glasgow, UK @ Stereo 03/4 - Bristol, UK @ Thekla 05/4 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2 06/4 - London, UK @ Koko 09/4 - Paris, FR @ Point Ephemere 10/4 - Antwerp, Belgium @ TRIX VZW 11/4 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso 12/4 - Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow 13/4 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen 14/4 - Berlin, Germany @ Rosis 15/4 - Vienna, Austria @ Chelsea Club 17/4 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ Le Romandie 18/4 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Bogen F 19/4 - Cologne, Germany @ Blue Shell 20/5 - Gulf Shores, AL @ The Hangout Music Festival ^ - w/ Sleigh Bells Photo Credit: Andy DeLuca