Summer Heart run us through their top 5 tour bus listens, track by track.

Swedish multi-instrumentalist David Alexander - aka Summer Heart has been creating a buzz in the music world since his first release Please Stay EP back in 2011. This was followed by a series of singles and full length About a Feeling in 2012. His sound - all lo-fi, dreamy, summer haze is both nostalgic and extremely current and promises for more attention to come. Summer Heart has committed to releasing a track every month across 2018, with hashtag #12SongsOfSummer supporting the project. The latest of these was single 'Subside' released on August 10th via Perfect Texture Records. Take a listen here. Just about to embark on a mini Autumn US tour, GigList spoke to Alexander about what he listens to on the road to keep him sane and entertained between shows. Listen to the Summer Heart Tour Bus Tracks below

'Try' - Nosaj Thing ft Toro y Moi

Summer Heart: "Ok so to me this song is driving through a city at like dusk. Street lights are coming on and you're super excited about being on tour and about life in general but still feeling very calm. Yep, that's it. Sit back relax, excited, and listen to this track."


Summer Heart: "This track is a night drive! Just being alone in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. No one else exist, it's only you and your friends in the van blasting NONO on 11. Can you feel it?"

'Low Tide' - Heart/Dancer

Summer Heart: "Low Tide is like when you're waking up at like 4.30am everyone else except whoever is driving is asleep and you just vibing to this track. Earphones in, hoodie on. mmm"

'Hurt To Look' - Swae Lee

Summer Heart: "I am singing along to this track backstage before shows. It's really bittersweet, happysad and all that. Things I like!"

'drnk b t [email protected]' - foreverandever<3

Summer Heart: "This is perfect right after a show. Super excited and ready to take over the world, then this track comes on. Ooh. Tasteful techno pop at it's best!" For more Tour Bus Tracks from other artists click here Photo credit: Jacob Olsen