A new single shows off the Aussie trio’s softer side.

Aussie Britpop comes in the form of Tommy O’Dell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason. The trio, more commonly known as DMA’s, first attracted the pundits’ attention with their 2014 single Delete and their eponymous EP released the same year. Arguably, it wasn't until the debut album, Hills End that they began to receive the recognition that they deserve. That album introduced the three as a breath of fresh air within the Indie genre. Last year saw the band make a comeback with the new single Dawning - the first work since the album the previous year. 2018 now sees DMA's return with a sound similar to that of Blown Away and Delete. The guitar-picked melody, accompanied by a slow drum beat and O’Dell’s melancholic vocals creates a heartfelt piece, contrasting both earlier and more recent works, such as Dawning and Timeless. Took’s usual guitar strumming is ever present, and the occasional electric guitar decoration accentuates the sorrowful vocals at the forefront of the track. Underlying synth sounds are heard, perhaps suggesting a change in direction for the band and their music. Lyrically, DMA's continue their voyage into poetic melancholy, with only certain sections using repetitive phrasing to encourage a chorus sing-along at future live performances. Clearly the time spent in the studio has paid off for DMA’s, and their latest release has built on their earlier praise. The latest singles are easily recognisable but, also suggest a slight change of direction. April brings the release of For Now - the trio’s second album - and based on what has already been heard, it is highly likely that it will not disappoint.

Listen to DMA's In The Air below