Spellling announces new album Mazy Fly due out February 22nd.

Hailing from Bay area, SPELLLING, aka Chrystia Cabral has announced her new album Mazy Fly, set for release on February 22nd via Sacred Bones. 'Haunted Water' is the first single from the album and it's all about the vintage drum beats and tape loops with sultry R'n'B vocals. Thematically though, it's weighty, with the lyrics touching upon memories of colonial violence that haunt the slave ship route of the Middle Passage. Recorded at Cabral's Berkeley studio, Mazy Fly will be her second album but first for Sacred Bones. Check it out below! Mazy Fly track list: 1. Red 2. Haunted Water (YouTube) 3. Hard to Please 4. Golden Numbers 5. Melted Wings 6. Under the Sun 7. Real Fun 8. Hard to Please (Reprise) 9. Afterlife 10. Dirty Desert Dreams 11. Secret Thread 12. Falling Asleep Photo credit: Catalina Xavlena