What do Public Access T.V. listen to on their tour-bus? John Eatherly lets us know below.

New York new-wavers, Public Access T.V. has spent much of their time this year on tour, in support of their recent sophomore LP release Street Safari released back in February 2018. With more dates lined up in June and July across North America, these guys spend a huge amount of time on the road. So much so that they recently released a video for 'Meltdown' about this, as John Eatherly explains: "When touring, the time not spent on stage (basically 23 hours of the day) will drive you completely crazy and make you question your life choices and how you ended up in this rock n' roll hole. Once you start playing though, nothing else matters and you realizing that cruising around in a van with your best friends listening to music is actually pretty amazing." Check out their video below. We asked frontman, John Eatherly to pick his favourite Tour Bus Tracks for GigList, here they are:

'Carried Away' - Television

John E: This song is probably in my top 5 favourite songs of all time. Its got the magic that you can't quite describe that makes you sink into your head. This is best played in the middle of a long drive... When things have been quiet for a while and you can just sink into it. This is a magic, perfect song.

'Tops' - The Rolling Stones

John E: The backing vocals "hey baby" bit gets me every time. Its one of those cool lazy sounding grooves where everybody is just hanging on and it sounds like it was a lot of fun. Best played at any time ever.

'Walk On The Wild Side,' Take No Prisoners - Lou Reed

John E: This gets me so pumps up for a show. He's on fire in the whole performance. And listening to him talk all the stage banter gives me confidence for the time in between the songs because it's so natural and comfortable and he's feeling the show And having the best time. If this doesn't get you going then we cant be friends. This shit is so inspiring.

'What You Got' - John Lennon

John E: John at his most grooviest and not giving a fuck...or at his craziest and most tormented?? For sure the grooviest. This just makes me wanna spin and dance. Best for when everyone is in a good mood. Its that kinda rockin' that you can only spin when everyones already up and going. Anyway, this whole album (walls and bridges) is my jam and I can always go back to it. Favourite Lennon album. Favourite solo Beatle album probably. Listen to Public Access TV's recent LP release 'Street Safari' below. Photo courtesy of the band.