Peace mark their long-awaited return with new single ‘Power’

It has been three years since Birmingham indie favourites Peace released Happy People - a vibrant and intoxicating second album that oozed energy from every track. The anticipation for new material has been high ever since. After the release of slow and meaningful track From Under Liquid Glass earlier this year, it’s time for the band to get back to their joyous, indie-pop ways. Latest single Power has the feel you'd expect from a Peace song. A dominant chorus drives the song, as frontman Harrison Koisser croons: “I’ve got the power/ I know it’s true”. However, a slight change of musical direction is noticeable. With a stronger pop sensibility seeping through, and a clear similarity with The 1975’s latest offerings, the track has more youthful energy than the heavier feel of the band's earlier material. Koisser’s drive to deliver new music that sounds like how their music makes their fans feel, creates a track that demonstrates familiarity whilst also harks the beginning a new era for the band, and will no doubt sound irresistible live. Coming back from a three year hiatus with a bang, Power displays what new album Kindness Is The New Rock and Roll (out 4th May) has to offer. Peace really do have the power.

Listen to Power by Peace below.