Missed flights, line up clashes and lots of dancing at day two of Primavera Sound 2018.

At festivals, rumours spread like wildfire, and there is confusion on the Friday of Primavera Sound when Migos reportedly miss their flight, cancelling their prime slot. Skepta is initially rumoured to be replacing them, rapidly changing many people’s plans for the night ahead. Skepta, however, also has transport issues with a delayed flight, and is replaced on the main stage by Spanish 90s indie group Los Planetas who step in last minute and overplay their slot. Skepta fans were understandably confused when they turn up. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Garbine Irizar As well as this, other acts of the day are marred by the age-old problem with festival line ups as good as Primavera Sound – clashes. Friday sees the likes of Father John Misty, Rhye, John Maus, Jorja Smith, Honey Dijon, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Haim and Tyler the Creator, to name but a few. Kicking off, the dulcet tones of Malian singer Oumou Sangare washes over the warm afternoon from the Ray-Ban stage with her traditional African music, demonstrating another good booking decision by the people that run the show. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Dani Canto Followed by John Maus, whose performance is one of a string of gigs he has coming up throughout Europe, and follows a six year hiatus from the music scene to complete a PhD in political science. His stage presence is uneasy, with erratic dancing, repeatedly bending over in a sort of head bang, detracting from the calm vintage synth which typifies his sound. He attracts a large crowd and ‘The Combine’ rings out across the Pitchfork stage to cap a conflicting but ultimately interesting performance. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Dani Canto Moving from Maus to the self-aware swagger of Father John Misty, otherwise known as J. Tillman, or the drummer from Fleet Foxes, stage presence is the name of the game. Coinciding nicely with album release day for his new album ‘God’s Favourite Customer’. His occasionally earnest, mostly witty set and full sound – accompanied by the best part of an orchestra – is well received. Taking it up a notch in the latter half of his set, dancing with his mic stand throughout ‘I Love You Honeybear’, strutting around the stage in ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’ and finishes on a high with ‘The Perfect Husband’, the bearded crooner is obviously a storyteller at heart. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Eric Pamies Afterwards, on the other side of the festival, Superorganism’s indie pop plays out live with panache. Surreal graphics of phones and video games are projected on stage as lead singer Orono Noguchi yells, “I haven’t felt such genuine emotion in 18 years. This is the biggest crowd we’ve played. That’s fucked up!” The chaotic and eclectic set is glued together by her infectious energy. Candyfloss-light hits such as ‘The Prawn Song’ and ‘Everybody Wants to be Famous’ are danceable, yellable and sing-along-able. Always great to witness a band that truly enjoy themselves. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Alba Ruperez Jorja Smith next takes to the Primavera Sound Bacardi stage , with a mix of smooth, club-ready tracks such as ‘On My Mind’, slower jams, and a cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’. The British R&B singer releases her debut album next week, and the large crowd was a testament to how many people will be listening out for that. She’s worked with Drake, Stormzy, and received the well-deserved Critics’ Choice Award at the Brits this year. Surely destined for big things. Next up, Haim’s set was bookended by a collective of theatrical drum solos, with the three Californian sisters creating a cacophony of sound. Working their way through old EPs, tracks from their first and second album, Danielle gushes, “It’s just so great to be back, Primavera.” They debuted ‘Want You Back’ on one of the smaller stages last year, so this was a welcome return. Este’s bass face, combined with the undeniable catchiness of their back catalogue means their set hits all the right notes, and on a bill with a few other great female indie bands – such as Hinds and Warpaint – they stand out. Friday 1st June @ Primavera Sound 2018 Photo credit: Sergio Albert After Haim, Tyler the Creator clashes with Chromeo, which weirdly feels like the more chilled and definitely funkier option. Placing ‘Bonafide Lovin’’ so early on in the set reels the crowd in and it continues on that theme. Live: Primavera Sound 2018, Friday 1st June Photo credit: Sergio Albert Australian four-piece Confidence Man’s chatty, mischievous electronic pop takes one of the later sets on the Ray-Ban stage, perfect for those looking for a place to pull out their best dance moves.

All photos courtesy of Primavera Sound. Main photo credit: Sergio Albert