Franz Ferdinand transport us back to the noughties at their sold-out London show - highlights include a high energy four-song encore.

The Glasgow post-punk rock-pop band Franz Ferdinand crashed onto the Roundhouse stage clad in skinny jeans and patterned shirts. They looked like they’d stepped out of a time machine from 2005 and were welcoming the crowd to return to that era with them. Their first two albums typify the indie music scene of the early 00s with punchy guitar riffs, chant-able lyrics and a wit that allows everybody to be in on the joke and this played out through the majority of the set.

They eased the crowd in with 'Glimpse of Love' from their 2018 album, Always Ascending, quickly moving onto an earlier classic, 'Do You Want To' from their second album. The juxtaposition of the two showed how their sound as a band has matured, allowing the big riffs and dance-y interludes to remain.

'Do You Want To' was followed by the illustrious track 'Dark of the Matinee'. Certainly, a crowd pleaser that allowed lead singer Alex Kapranos to not just sing, but tell a story onstage.

Cute stage patter from Kapranos followed and acted as a link between Franz Ferdinand’s older and newer works. In between 'Matinee' and 'Lazy Boy' he talked of how he’d seen The Doors, and years later The Ramones at The Roundhouse. Truly a well-trodden path for bands that have established themselves on the music scene and have a following loyal enough to fight over tickets.

They moved seamlessly into 'Boys Feel', a stripped back version of break up classic 'Walk Away' and then 'Shopping for Blood', with Kapranos introducing members of the band intermittently between songs.

A lull from the crowd mid-set demonstrated the hunger for the hits – they rattled through new songs such as 'Lazy Boy' and 'Lois Lane', gaining momentum with 'Finally' and, probably their most well-known song, 'Take Me Out'. 'Take Me Out' elicited a mosh pit, with beers thrown in the air and inevitably one or two lost shoes.

They finished their set with a full energy four-song encore. Indie anthem 'Fire 'was a rapturous ending, played alongside newer tracks 'The Always Ascending' and 'Academy Award' showing that Franz Ferdinand are not only still relevant, but taking their music in a new direction since their five year break from releasing new tracks after Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.

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