A mystical, transcendent experience for Fakear's fervent fan base.

Théo Le Vigoureux, aka Fakear, is a French musician, songwriter and producer of globally-tuned electronic dance music. His well-established French fan base follows him across the globe; from supporting Bonobo and ODESZA across the long roads of the USA and Canada, all the way to a vintage concert hall in Camden Town. From his road trip through Canada, Fakear brings with him a dynamic support duo going by the name Geoffroy. Hailing from Montreal, the boys have a cool, understated look about them, both donning baggy shirts, skinny jeans and beanie hats. The lead vocalist (the band’s namesake) has the stage presence of a band like Bastille, with his cool, silky indie-pop voice lying perfectly amongst the busy synths, electric guitar riffs and eclectic samples. The performance feels authentic and real, with little missed notes and technical hiccups all adding to the charming character of their short half hour set. The crowd swells after Geoffrey’s supporting set, bustling together in groups and chatting wildly in choppy mixes of French, German and English. As soon as the lights dim and booming entrance music begins, the young crowd are drunk with excitement. Fakear’s setup on stage is simple: one laptop, two MPK sound boards, and one electric guitar. His backdrop, two tall strips of Perspex glass, reflect and refract the hues of blue, red and mustard light, which encompass the entirety of the old theatre. The set begins slowly, with a spin of his original 2017 track ‘Karmaprana’ with its characteristically late drop. The sound continues to take twists and turns through earlier tracks from his 2016 album Animal, with added throws of mainstream electronic samples and splashes of airy female vocals. The young Frenchman has not said a word up until this point, and his only action aside from swaying and shuffling between soundboards, is a small bow to his wildly infatuated female audience. Although his presence feels small on such a grand stage, he has complete and absolute control of his audience, using a sea of clapping hands to accompany his third bass-heavy track. Slipping into familiar sounds from his latest album All Glows, Fakear invites his special guest Ana Zimmer on stage to perform their latest collaboration ‘Something Wonderful’. Ana brings some needed charisma to Fakear’s stage, her bright silvery blonde hair bouncing wildly as she lends her vocal talent. Her sweet tones elevate this meditative track, sounding wholesome and rounded against the sharp synth samples. Fakear’s set spins through top tracks from the new album, building up to a crescendo of noise as he unleashes an audience favourite ‘Out of Reach’. The entire experience is reminiscent of a contemporary French pop club; from Fakear’s lighting tech sparking a cigarette mid-set to the squabbles of French teens throwing kisses and heart-shaped hand signs in the front row. Overall, Fakear puts on a good performance, despite it feeling somewhat rehearsed for a particular set of listeners. The minimalist stage setup gave way to an impressive light show and an uplifting auditory experience; one that would slot nicely into a summer festival line-up, perhaps more so than under the glimmer of the giant KOKO disco ball. Photo Credit - Fraser Taylor