50 Cent and his crew G-Unit give a suped-up and timeless performance to a sold-out O2 Arena crowd.

American rapper 50 Cent took to Europe, with his crew, G-Unit to celebrate 15 years since the release of his hit album, Get Rich, Die Tryin’. Many rap fans would describe his music, especially this album as nostalgic. On the evidence of his sold-out show at the O2 Arena, on September 20, it would be better to describe him as timeless. There was an air of anticipation building up for the 43-year-old from New York to take the stage. The crowd were nicely warmed up by British rapper Lethal Bizzle. It was obvious that the crowd were there for 50 Cent but Bizzle warmed them up nicely, getting the energy levels up and getting the crowd to mosh. In the interlude between Bizzle and 50 Cent, DJ Chubby Chub got the crowd going with some old school hip hop, mixed in with some of the more recent music. The tone was set and out came the 'Power' star to a furore of screaming. The veteran of hip-hop came out of the traps so blisteringly that he barely leaves any room between songs for his fans to applaud. Moving from one song to another with little to no interaction is brave, but something 50 Cent can do because of the respect he’s earned. Anybody who’s been to even a handful of rap shows will know that rappers often lean on DJs to support them and bring the energy. 50 bucks that trend. He is complemented by his own, excellent four-piece band, who give a raw, analogue feeling to the show. No fancy mixes just him, G-Unit and his band, all backed up by screens showing footage from his music videos, which many will remember watching on MTV. After disappearing backstage for a bit for an outfit change - and possibly to soak in the adoration he’s getting from the sell-out crowd, 50 comes back to continue to wow the crowd. Hits such as ‘In Da Club,’ ‘P.I.M.P’ and ‘Candy Shop’ had the crowd singing to every word. There was a moment where the crowd really respected 50, not just for his music but for the person he has become over the last 20 years. The music stopped, the lights were turned up a bit and, at the instruction of those on stage, the crowd observed a moment of silence for Grenfell. But the energy was soon back as 50 concluded his show by saying ‘London is like a second home.’ He has clearly noticed the London music scene by deciding to pick Lethal Bizzle as his support and based on the evidence of this show he will always be welcomed back to the capital. 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena 50 Cent @ O2 Arena Photos: Ellie Mitchel