Pungent current of grubby aggression from Bristolian punks Heavy Lungs.

Hailing from Bristol and bringing a twisted post-punk impression, links four-piece Heavy Lungs to their fellow musicians IDLES, but is predictable but a waste of time. Comparing Bristolian post-punkers Heavy Lungs to their fellow musicians and friends IDLES is to be expected. But despite similarities, Heavy Lungs bring a more potently aggressive approach to their show in Southampton tonight resulting in a contrasting combative appeal. Vocalist Danny Nedelko was the topic of IDLES single, ‘Danny Nedelko’ and his performance tonight reflects why he was taken as an inspiration. With 80s post-punk influences conspicuously intruding their way through the set, the emphasis the band put on their style helps distinguish them from their fellow Bristolians. Track ‘Stutter’ provides an antagonistic association seeing drummer George coming to the front of the stage and manically laughing to the crowd before an eruption of distorted punk interferes. The set is littered with jittering guitar melodies layered over a performance from Nedelko that is hard to fully understand due to the unsystematic dance moves. However, he has the crowd eating out of his sweaty palms. There is nothing lacking and nothing slacking in this set and its unpredictability is something that is admired. Comparing Heavy Lungs to IDLES is a waste of time. This band provide a pungent current of grubby punk that sets them up for a future full of chaos. Check out Heavy Lungs latest video for 'Jealous' from their forthcoming EP "Straight to CD" out Feb 7th below. Photo credit: Graeme J Baty