Hear Gengahr's new track 'Before Sunrise'

Gengahr's recent releases have been a departure from the darker, more sombre lyrical themes of isolation and death on their debut, A Dream Outside. Latest release ‘Before Sunrise’ has been described by frontman Felix Bushe as “a song that celebrates the relief and simplicity one can find lost in the night”. Achieving a similar blend of hazy indie from the likes of Alt-J and Glass Animals ‘Before Sunrise’ is the third single from their second album, Where Wildness Grows due for release 9th March via Transgressive. Whilst their comeback singles, ‘Carrion’ and ‘Mallory’ delivered muscular and intense riffs, ‘Before Sunrise’ is languid in comparison. It's sparkling, electronic textures and enchanting vocals make ‘Before Sunrise’ the perfect antidote to any January blues. Traces of Gengahrs former sound can be heard on ‘Before Sunrise’ maintaining the earthy and cinematic harmonies heard in A Dream Outside. Similar to the upbeat and playfulness of ‘She’s a Witch’, there's a perfect balance between the light drums and sharp riffs that creates a bouncing melody. However, whilst the softness of ‘Bathed In Light’ and the delicate instrumental digression from ‘Dark Star’ assigned A Dream Outside to losing yourself in your bedroom, ‘Before Sunrise’ reveals that Gengahr can deliver mesmeric grooves for your party playlist. 

Listen to Gengahr - Before Sunrise below.