Records new version of 'More Than You Know' and Angel Olsen cover 'Unfucktheword' for Spotify Singles at Metropolis.

Fenne Lily self-released her debut LP On Hold earlier this year, racking up millions of Spotify plays. Today she has shared her Spotify Single, a reworked live studio version of ‘More Than You Know’ and a cover of Angel Olsen’s ‘Unfucktheworld’ which is a regular feature in Fennes live set. The new recording of the 'More Than You Know' is the version that live audiences have been privy to and features Fenne alongside her full band and has been shared ahead of her upcoming London headline show, scheduled for 12th October at Borderline. Fenne had this to say of the experience: “Revisiting ‘More Than You Know’ alongside my band gave me the chance to see it in a stronger light; to take something I wrote feeling fragile and recreate it with the mind of someone more certain. Angel Olsen’s ‘Unfucktheworld’ has been one of my favourite pieces of songwriting since I was a kid. It’s timeless and simple yet I’ve always wanted to hear a longer, louder, more unhinged iteration of it, so we made one. The title seems more relevant than ever - we’re living in a messed up time, so I’m seeing this cover as a war cry, both personal and generational.” Check it out below. Photo courtesy of press.