The new track follows on from last year’s self-titled debut EP.

Alice Glass has released a new track 'Cease and Desist' via Loma Vista, the first track we've heard since her self-titled debut EP dropped last year. It's a noisy number with industrial synth roars and beat stabs blasting around Alice’s shouty vocals, as she says: “Promise me/ You’re never the victim/ You have to fight right now”. The accompanying video, made by Lindsey Nico Mann and Dan Streit features bright colours flashing to the beat as a negative film of footage featuring cats, rabbits and laboratory scenes mangle together. Following on from reports in November 2017 that Glass' former bandmate Ethan Kath was suing her for defamation, the disquieting track is seemingly a response but is cryptic enough to conceal its intent.

Watch the video for Alice Glass ‘Cease and Desist’ below.