Ever wondered what Kimbra listens to on her tour bus? Wonder no more, and find out below.

New Zealand songstress Kimbra recently released her critically acclaimed third studio album Primal Heart and is currently in the midst of a North American tour in support of her self-produced release. She'll be sharing the stage with acts such as Beck, Son Lux and ODESZA on dates that began in April and continue into early July, phew! GigList asked Kimbra to let us know what she likes listening to whilst on the road - find out what her current favourite top tour bus tracks are, and why below.

'Hell Yes' - Beck

Kimbra: I loved Guero when it first came out and we’ve been supporting Beck on a couple of shows on this current tour so I revisited that record and fell in love with this track all over again! I especially love the glitched out sample-based production. It shows an experimental and more electronic side of Beck which I love. It’s a good jam to start the day with on tour. Makes you real motivated. HELL YES!

'Wild Horses' - Prefab Sprout

Kimbra: Me and the guys in my band are massive 80’s torch song fans. Prefab Sprout is our go-to for good vibes after a show. We just love the earnest emotionality of Prefab Sprout and this song especially holds a soft spot for all of us. It’s a good ‘unwind’ jam after the show with a beer in hand. I’m a sucker for those whispy vocals!

'Music for 18 Musicians (modular version):Pulses' - Steve Reich

Kimbra: I wake almost everyday with Steve Reich. Whether I’m on tour or not, something about this album just settles any stress or anxiety I might wake with and helps me to focus my energy into the needs of the day. It’s also perfect for travelling as the music kind of feels like a train on some endless trajectory. It stills the mind with the constant repetition and sense of ordered chaos. It basically relaxes me in deep ways so I recommend this album to all!

'Django Jane' - Janelle Monae

Kimbra: Janelle is killing it with her new music! This song especially just demonstrates such inner strength and power. I love the confrontational tone and her rhythmic precision on this song, she really showcases herself as a rapper as well as an incredibly talented artist on so many other levels. I’ve been using this song to amp me up before a show. Makes me feel invincible and sexy.

'Hunnybee' - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Kimbra: My new favourite album from my fellow Kiwi’s. This song is simply perfect. I can NOT sit still to the chorus. It’s so restrained and flirtatious in the way it teases out the hooks. It also has that amazing familiarity to it, yet I’ve never heard anything like it before. I thought Ruban was saying ‘Cardi B, Caaardi B’ the first time I heard it (instead of ‘Hunny Bee’) which makes me love the song even more too. Listen to Kimbra's latest LP Primal Heart below. Photo credit: John Michael Fulton/Courtesy of the artist.