Third album, Cosmic Wink, is due out May 11th via Mexican Summer.

Jess Williamson has released a new single, 'Mama Proud' from her forthcoming third LP Cosmic Wink. This will be Jess' first release on her new label home, Mexican Summer - after self-releasing her first two LP's Native State and Heart Song. Cosmic Wink covers a two year transitional phase, as Jess relocated to LA from Texas in 2016, she says of the upcoming release: "When I left Austin and went to LA, I started to take my process more seriously," she says. "I took my art more seriously. I didn't have a normal job or a lot of friends when I first got to LA, so I just spent all day alone in that house writing. I got really into Carl Jung and working with my dreams. The title of the record is a reference to the Jungian concept of synchronicity and learning to live in a more magical way, looking for signs - which is maybe silly to some people, but it was working for me. And in a way, the record itself became a validation of the risks I was taking." Check out the dreamy western vibed 'Mama Proud' below.

Photo credit: Chantal Anderson.