Watch Jack White and Elton John reenact early American recordings in docs-series feature film American Epic Trailer

Premiered at Sundance, the 3 part documentary will air on May 16th, 23rd, 30th on PBS, the American Epic sessions will air June 6th and the soundtrack will arrive May 12th on Third Man Records, Legacy Recordings and Columbia. [embed][/embed] American Epic narrates a central change occurring in the music industry in the Twenties whereby record companies predicting that the radio was about to become a major force in the industry sent the first electronic recording devices around the country in order to find new artists and markets to record. Jack White and Producer T Bone Burnett lead the American Epic Sessions which includes performances from artists such as Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Beck, Alabama Shakes and Elton John. The soundtrack will feature a mix of new recordings using a reassembled electronic recording rig from the original parts as well as original recordings from the twenties and thirties.