J Fernandez runs us through his top 5 tour bus listens, track by track.

Chicago musical act J Fernandez, the recording name of Arkansas native Justin Fernandez, has been releasing albums since his 2015 debut Many Levels of Laughter and seen him tour with the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Alvvays, Mitski, and Ezra Furman. Fernandez's new album Occasional Din - which is released on 9th November via Joyful Noise - is a described as a "sunny shoebox diorama for the eternal pessimist." J Fernandez is a unique artist who seeks what is lost and forgotten, spending his free time photographing missing gloves which have been split from their other half or scouring for collectable treasures. Celebrating mundanity permeates his music and artwork, which is designed to look like packaging . On Occasional Din Fernandez draws influence from vintage Italian pop and soundtrack composers like Bruno Nicolai, Alessandro Alessandroni and Mina, as well as American contemporaries like The Free Design and Margo Guryan. Speaking of the record, Fernandez said, “Overall the mood is pretty bleak, but I think the musical content balances it out. I was aiming to write a feel-good soundtrack but with somewhat grim lyrics. GigList was fortunate enough to catch up with J Fernandez ahead of a 5 date fall tour in the US (supported by the equally wonderful Kikagaku Moyo) who ran us through his Top 5 go-to Tour Bus Tracks that keep him sane and entertained whilst on the road.

Listen to J Fernandez Tour Bus Tracks below

The Roches - 'Hammond Song'

JF: "Good song for the beginning of a tour. Leaving Chicago and driving through Indiana, specifically Hammond, IN. Though I'm pretty sure they're talking about a different Hammond."

Dungen - 'Maleras Finest'

JF: "I'm pretty much always in the mood to listen to Dungen. This one's appropriate for when the band stays at a hotel and everyone manages to get a shower. It has a clean, refreshing sound."

Burt Bacharach - 'Monterey Peninsula'

JF: "I usually put this on when we need to do some late night driving and I'm the only one up. The tempo and dynamics of the song keep me focused."

Fleetwood Mac - 'Hypnotized'

JF: "Nice winding down song after a show. Driving back to the Econolodge or wherever we're staying that night. Relaxed rhythms to prepare for the bed bug infested sleeping situation."

Manuel Göttsching - 'Quiet Nervousness'

JF: "This song, possibly the whole record, is perfect for when the band has exhausted all topics of conversation. We end up listening to this stuff a lot." Find more tour bus tracks here.