Iron & Wine quickly follow up Beast Epic with EP release next month.

Iron & Wine are to follow up album Beast Epic which was released earlier this year to significant applause, with a new EP to be released next month. The new six-song EP, entitled Weed Garden features material that was part of the writing phase for Beast Epic, but for various reasons went unfinished. The title Weed Garden implies that which doesn’t belong, and for principal songwriter Sam Beam, it was about getting "into the weeds" on a creative process to finish the material. The band recorded the tracks at Chicago's Loft recording studio, with Weed Garden acting as a companion piece to this year's Grammy-nominated album, and in essence is about completing a journey.

Listen to new track - 'What Hurts Worse' by Iron & Wine below.

Weed Garden is due for release on 31st August 2018 via Sub Pop.