Following on from their recent EP 'Skint Kids Disco' - No Hot Ashes are currently on a UK tour.

With the release of No Hot Ashes’ debut EP, Skint Kids Disco, it’s time to tune out, plug in and turn up for a trio of songs that truly show the breadth of the Stockport band. With titular track, ‘Skint Kids Disco,’ the quartet showcase their ability to fill the dance-floor with a disco banger that unashamedly evokes ‘Le Freak’ era Chic. The track clearly wants nothing more than to get the listener bouncing around the room with an infectious energy and enthusiasm with enough chops to cut through the hard outer shell of even the most cynical indie fan-boys. The bass bursts through the mix alongside the choppy guitar and over-the-top disco beats; it’s an absolute delight. ‘Eight Till Late’ follows, with a little more swagger in its step and less of a clear disco influence. There’s a raspy quality to the vocals from frontman Isaac Taylor, and a fuzzier guitar sound, but the poppy quality shines through. ‘Eight Till Late’ is a bombastic pop-rock track that would feel just at home at a house party as it would a live gig. It’s a track that flaunts the abilities of this group of musicians, but in a way that makes the music completely chill. It’s also super deserving of a crowd of people hopping on the spot shouting along with the chorus, just like ‘Skint Kids Disco’ and the EP closer, ‘Bad Crowd.’ ‘Bad Crowd’ is the sleazy classic-rock tinged track, a grimy little song that oozes along on the merit of its bass-line and gets propelled forwards by the stupidly fun guitar riffs. The whole EP wraps up far too quickly, and the listener is left wishing for another track to bring it to the classic four-track length of most EPs. Perhaps it’s a case of leaving the audience wanting more, as fans of the band will definitely want to seek out their live performances at the likes of Reading Festival and Y NOT Festival, as well as the band’s own headline tour throughout April, following their sell-out Manchester gig in March. No Hot Ashes is a band of great skill, and huge possibilities ahead of them, the only question now is how many different genres are we going to hear on the debut album when it comes out? Check out No Hot Ashes' tour dates and listen to Skint Kids Disco below. April 14th Nambucca / London 19th Chameleon Arts Cafe / Nottingham 20th The Flapper / Birmingham 21st The Cookie / Leicester 26th The Venue / Derby 27th Zanzibar / Liverpool May 5th Sound City / Liverpool 6th Hit The North / Newcastle 12th Close Up Festival / London 24th Lending Room / Leeds June 2nd Mosborough Festival / Sheffield July 27th / 29th Kendal Calling / Cumbria

Photo courtesy of Modern Sky.