Lights on Moscow are made up of Justin Lockey (Editors/ Minor Victories/ Mastersystem) and Hazel Wilde (Lanterns On The Lake) they've shared their debut single 'Lord Let Me Know' today - check it out below.

Ears always prick up at the mention of new 'indie supergoup' so when we heard that Justin Lockey, who is best known for his work with Editors had joined forces with Hazel Wilde from Bella Union signees Lantern On The Lake, our interest piqued. Forming Lights On Moscow whilst living nearby to one another in Newcastle, the pair began recording the songs which are to appear on their upcoming EP Aorta Songs Pt 1 – set for release in October 2018 via Physical Education. The project began years before whilst the pair travelled to New York and performed the songs during their trip - neither was ready to set upon releasing the music until now. As Wilde explains: “It’s strange how the timing of something can make a difference. We always knew it was something we’d come back to. And now we have the idea of ‘waiting’ is certainly at odds with an industry obsessed with speed and the present – but the single highlights a timelessness in-keeping with the ethos of the project." Debut single, the wanton 'Lord Let Me Know' is out today - check it out below.