French multi instrumentalist Halo Maud releases new single 'Baptism' alongside video

Heavenly Recordings are excited to announce the signing of French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud, who also releases her brand-new video for "Baptism". Her first EP Du pouvoir was released on March 24, 2017, on Michel Records. The 3 tracks on the EP are the product of solo experiments alongside collaborations with Maxime Le Guil (Camille, Radiohead, Soko) and, more recently, with Robin Leduc. Halo Maud envisioned “something like a ballet of mysterious, determined, somewhat magical women warriors living in communion with nature”. The result is a psychedelic, hypnotic, pastoral trip directed by the Parisian collective, Deezooit (pronounced like the French "dix-huit"), who are animation, pop culture, color and music fanatics. In this realm, "Baptism" is seen as a rite of passage: rebirth as a savage, woman of many faces. The childlike voice at the beginning matures into a woman’s voice, then multiplies into a choir for an explosive and intoxicating climax. Check out the video below.