Check out our playlist of recent Lo-Fi, Bedroom Pop and Indie releases, featuring Molina, Pizzagirl, Clairo, Pageants, Goth babe and more.

We can't get enough of the slew Lo-Fi tracks we've heard lately and so we've put together a playlist with a selection of the best we've heard in 2018 so far. Featuring, Paegents, Clairo, Sleeping Jesus, Hana Vu, Ginger Root, Strawberry Guy and more.

Strawberry Guy - 'Without You'

Molina - 'Hey Kids'

Pizzagirl - 'Coffee Shop'

CASTLEBEAT - 'These Days'

Clairo - '4EVER'

Sleeping Jesus - 'Alley Dream'

Hana Vu - 'Cool'

Ginger Root - 'Jeanie'

Miel De Montagne - 'Slow Pour Mon Chien'

Video Age - 'Hold On (I was wrong)'

Goth Babe - 'Swimming'

Pageants - 'Cacti For Clothes'

Anemone - 'Bout De Toi'

Superheart - 'Satellite'

Foliage - 'The Other Day'