Check out what new music we've been spinning in the GigList office this week, featuring Kira, Still Corners, Santigold, Pond, Jungle, Blood Orange, Girl Crush, Dizzy, Metric, Kagoule, Idles and more.

Kira - 'If It Makes You Feel Better'

Santigold - 'Run The Road'

Still Corners - 'The Photograph'

IDER - 'You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby'

POND - 'Burnt Out Star'

Blood Orange - 'Charcoal Baby'

Estrons - 'Cameras'

Pale Waves - 'Eighteen'

Girl Crush - 'Past Life'

Oddnesse - 'It Runs Wild'

Metric - 'Dressed to Suppress'

Dizzy - 'Backstroke'

Kagoule - 'Egg Hunt'

IDLES - 'Samaritans'

Jungle - 'Heavy, California'

Beta Waves - 'Love Love Love'

Dev Ray - 'Can't Hide'

Kate Teague - 'Good to You'

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