Check out what new music we've been spinning in the GigList office this week, featuring Gently Tender, Kyson, Parcels, MØ, Gold Star, Sigrid, Chastity, Harmless, Ariel, Spissy, Swimming Girls, Future Generations and more.

Here are this week's new music tracks for your listening pleasure. You're welcome.

MØ & Diplo - 'Sun In Our Eyes'

Spissy - 'Radio'

Harmless - 'Linda'

Chastity - 'Heaven Hell Anywhere Else' 

Sigrid - 'Schedules'

The Lemon Twigs - 'If You Give Enough'

Phantastic Ferniture - 'Bad Timing'

Shibo (feat Nick Dorian) - 'pH'

joan - 'stop and stare'

Swimming Girls - 'Asking for It'

Parcels - 'Bemyself'

Future Generations - 'Landscape'

Kyson - 'Every High'

Ariel - 'All Night'

Jacuzzi Boys & D.A Stern - 'Song for the Man'

Gently Tender - '2 Chords'

Gold Star - 'Baby Face'

International Teachers of Pop - 'Age of The Train'

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