Farao runs us through her top 5 tour bus listens, track by track

Hailing from Norway but residing in Berlin, multi-instrumentalist and synth-pop pioneer Farao, a.k.a. Kari Jahnsen recently released her acclaimed sophomore album Pure-O via Western Vinyl.

Following on from the release of Pure-O, Farao has played a handful of headline shows in London and around Europe in support of the new LP and has a North American tour scheduled for March '19. No stranger to the festival circuit, Farao has performed at a number of UK and European festivals such as Green Man, End of the Road, Øya, Roskilde, BY:LARM, and Eurosonic.

We recently caught up with Jahnsen and asked her to run us through her go to Tour Bus listens. She was quick to clarify that whilst she has the tracks, the fancy tour bus has not arrived just yet.

"The luxurious tour bus illusion is out of reach for most musicians out there. So, this is what I listen to in our tour rental car." Kari Jahnsen.
Check out her top 5 Tour Bus Tracks below.

Andreĭ Rodionov & Boris Tikhomirov - 'Competition'
Good Soviet music for driving and doing sports. I found this stuff on a YouTube-rant a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since. It’s actually music commissioned by the Soviet state to use for exercising and aerobics in schools in the 80s!

Marcos Valle - 'Naturalmente'
Really nice Brazilian boogie record. I’m obsessed with this track and Marcos Valle in general. Such a good vibe and perhaps my favourite album cover of all time. He looks so sleazy, but I still wanna hang out with him.

The Jets - 'Crush on You'
Aaron Carter’s version is special but the original is awesome too. Orchestral stabs feast and a really good singalong track in the car.

La P'tite Fred - 'Stormy Love Affair'
The best and ONLY 3/4 disco track I know. There is a serious gap in the market for 3/4 disco and I intend to do something about it. I discovered this on the Psychemagik compilation Ritual Chants, which also has some other great tunes on it.

Hiroshi Satoh - 'Say Goodbye'
I can’t get enough of this Japanese boogie track. City pop at it’s best. I love how the vocals and vocoder are seamlessly blending in with each other!