Britney is back with a nostalgic pop spectacular to take us back to the Nineties.

There are few pop stars who can not only boast a career spanning almost two decades but still have the washboard stomach of their teenage years. After a four-year residency in Las Vegas and a record-breaking sell-out performance at Brighton Pride, Britney Spears 'Piece of Me' tour came to London’s O2, for her first UK tour in seven years. Walking through the excited crowd there’s an abundance of glitter and school girl outfits. They know Britney is in town and are ready to party. As the music starts the screams fill the arena before she struts onto her podium for 'Work Bitch'. Britney is known for her skimpy outfits and slick choreography and she doesn’t disappoint on either front, sashaying around the stage in various bejewelled bikinis and fishnet tights. The staging, comprising of stairs and platforms is taken from her Vegas show, but this scaled back cabaret version feels a bit lacklustre in a huge arena. The princess of pop takes us through a colossal set list, where all the hits are included; 'Stronger','(You Drive Me) Crazy','Womanizer','I’m a Slave 4 U','Boys','…Baby One More Time', and'Oops!... I Did It Again'. It’s quite impressive how many tracks from her 9 studio albums she has managed to pack in. Since a fan went viral for shouting “who is it?” at the start of Gimme More, the crowd now scream this at every show, so we instantly know when this song is imminent. Only bangers and no ballads produce a high energy show, with the only dips of momentum coming from her newer mid-tempo songs. Her dance moves are on form; floor work, lifts, and all the athletics that could easily be found in any gym studio. It’s a full-on workout so it’s no surprise she is at peak fitness. The ponytailed pop legend has props aplenty, gyrating around chairs, Rattan screens…and even a pole. If you’re wondering if she mimes or not, she does. But the fans don’t seem to care. They are here to have the time of their lives with their idol. Audience interaction is minimal and feels forced, which makes the whole production lack a personal touch. A slowed intro to'Toxic' brings a popular adaptation to one of her biggest chart triumphs, whilst the 'Till the World Ends' encore gets the biggest reception overall. The jumping crowd, showered with a confetti explosion brings the extravaganza to a close. The diehard fans declare that Britney Spears is back and will no doubt keep packing out her shows for years to come.