Black Rebel Motorcycle Club run us through their top 5 tour bus listens, track by track.

California rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been breaking floors and releasing their psychedelic garage rock since 1998. Their eighth album Wrong Creatures was released in January after a 5-year break. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will be playing a series of dates in the UK later this month, taking in Kentish Town Forum in London on 26th July, before playing Standon Calling Festival (28th), Y Not Festival (29th) and ending up at Glasgow's O2 Academy (30th). GigList spoke exclusively to bassist Robert Levon Been about what he and the band listen to on the road in order to keep them sane and entertained, check it out below.

'Wish' - NIN

BRMC: There is a video of just Josh Freese drumming this NIN live that's insane and helps with a kick in the ass.

'Blindness' - The Fall

BRMC: This song is just nearly 8mins of gibberish groove, but could probably listen to it on repeat for days.

'Red Sex' - Vessel

BRMC: This is just what I’d actually imagine ‘Smell The Glove’ by Spinal Tap would actually sound like today if they were a new modern band in 2018.

'Suicide Note' - Vacant Lots

BRMC: Jared and Brian of the Vacant Lots were lucky enough to work with Alan Vega on this song, and have him sing what would end up being the last vocal he recorded before passing away after a long health battle. I’m not sure if it’s an upper or a downer, but it’s a brilliant track.

'The Mad Daddy' - The Cramps

BRMC: It’s hard to pick just one Cramps song, but this is one Cramps song.

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Photo credit: Tessa Angus