A confident effort offering nostalgia in a contemporary way

Tom Misch releases debut album 'Geography' four years after Soundcloud series Beat Tape 1. A string of singles including 'Sunshine' and 'Crazy Dream' have followed in proceeding years but they are noticeably absent from the LP. Over the last year, Misch has been slowly releasing new material, extending his fan base and building to this point. An experimental approach is heard immediately with the first track 'Before Paris'. This continues with instrumental tracks, for which are quickly becoming synonymous and lyrical themes. 'Lost in Paris' may sound like he is lamenting over a lost love “I hope that you’re warm and safe, the memory I can’t replace”, but is actually about a lost memory stick containing new music. Last year’s 'South of the River' is present on the album, and finds Misch in his comfort zone. A catchy riff combining strings with a slow clap brings more of a groove. However, there is a clear progression from that to the more recent, and more experimental tracks 'Water Baby' and 'It Runs Through Me' (featuring hip hop trio De La Soul), which Misch released in anticipation of the new album. Misch certainly seems to shine when he attempts to do something different. 'Movie' is a personal affair as he self reflects on notions of heartache and nostalgia. It quietly gives the beat-maker time to provide a moment of intimacy that makes 'Geography' feel much more personal. A contemporary feel dominates the album and is ultimately is what defines it. Misch's production skills are clear, such as his reimagined version of Stevie Wonder’s saccharine classic 'Isn’t She Lovely'. This happy contrast of nostalgia and the contemporary show that Misch is firmly set on breaking from the underground though to the mainstream, and with infectious beats and catchy tracks such as 'Water Baby' and 'Disco Yes' it seems inevitable he will find his way there.

Listen to Tom Misch - 'Geography' below

Tom Misch plays Manchester Apollo in November