Dream Wife's debut brings the ethos of 90's riot grrrl back to 2018.

Female empowerment, sexual liberation, and girl power as well as their gritty, indie-punk tunes are what make Dream Wife’s self-titled debut album so kick-ass and punchy. Made up of Rakel Mjöll on lead vocals, Alice Go on guitar and Bella Podpadec on bass, the band started as a university art project but now Dream Wife bringing riot grrrl back to 2018. Promoting female empowerment in ‘Let’s Make Out’, Mjöll’s piercing screams of “Let’s make out / Are you still too shy?” are the perfect introduction to the album's fiery sound and electric energy. Mimicking the rage of Bikini Kill’s ‘Magnet’ where Kathleen Hannah shrieks “You don’t own me”. Mjöll similarly tackles objectification and female ownership of their own bodies in ‘Somebody’ with staccato chants of “I am not my body / I am somebody”.   Taking a more delicate note, Mjöll reminisces about adolescence in ‘Kids’ as she sings about skinny dipping in lakes and road trips to New York with a certain special someone.   Leaving the most ferocious and bold track to close the album ‘F.F.U’ is a warning to everyone not to mess with Dream Wife. Mjöll snarls “I’m going to fuck you up / Gonna cut you up / Going to fuck you up” over a bone-rattling bassline. Following the liberating and no-nonsense attitude of the riot grrrl movement, Dream Wife’s debut dazzles with female self-expression, raw energy and sexual confidence. Even their name denotes that they are here to tackle female stereotypes. More please, we need more of this in the music scene - great bands being recognised as inspirational and empowering. Or as Dream Wife says in ‘F.F.U’ “I spy with my little eye /  Bad bad bad bad bitches”. Watch the video for 'Let's Make Out' below.