GigList Investment

InvestmentOver the past year, we've been working really hard to build a platform that combines comprehensive events listings with great content - all to give music fans exactly what they need. We've achieved a lot, including developing some really clever algorithms and integrations to source events from across the net - together with a team of writers up and down the country.

So what's next? Well, we've got some seriously exciting plans for expansion over the next year. To achieve them, it's time for us to take on investment for the first time. So in the spirit of our enterprise, we're reaching out to the crowd.

GigList is proud to announce that we're launching an equity crowfunding campaign - with Seedrs, the leading equity crowdfunding platform, that lets anybody invest in startups and later-stage businesses throughout Europe. Don't miss your chance to participate in our equity crowdfunding campaign

Below is a series of FAQs - should you have any further questions - please don't hesitate to email us on [email protected] - or Seedrs directly on [email protected]

Investment FAQs

GigList is an entirely bootstrapped startup - meaning that our founders built the platform from scratch with zero financial support. GigList is aiming to disrupt the music events industry. An events aggregation site built upon big-data integrations powered by IBM Bluemix, combined with editorial content, we can truly become the go-to destination for music lovers. The industry is booming and we can grow quickly, making your investment growth just as swift.

The next stage in our development needs investment to be able to truly unlock the power of the IBM Bluemix platform and Watson, IBM’s AI functionality. We’re also planning on launching mobile apps for both iOS and Android in 2018, as well as looking at more data, more events, and potentially US expansion. Lots to do!

Plus, there are other great benefits too. An investor with a high tax liability is allowed to offset their tax bill against the investment they make. This is offered by HMRC under the Small Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Under SEIS, investors can receive initial income tax relief of 50% on investments up to £100,000 per tax year in qualifying shares issued. Additionally, investments made under SEIS will be eligible for a Capital Gains exemption in respect of gains realised on the disposal of these assets. Who doesn't love a tax break?!

The Seedrs campaign is set to launch to the public very soon. The round is limited and once it reaches our campaign limit, that’s it.

However, one week before the campaign launches to the general investment community, there is a private opportunity access to the campaign. Submit your interest by emailing us on [email protected] to be added to the notification list for this private launch and get ahead of the other investors.

Firstly, you need to sign-up to Seedrs ( to make sure that when the campaign goes live you are ready to make an investment. Then, keep an eye out for our email invitation to our private investment page.

You can invest from as little as £10, right the way up to our campaign limit. Given the risks of investing in early-stage and growth-focussed business, investors should consider whether they should diversify across multiple businesses or asset classes, rather than making one large investment.

Seedrs is open to individual investors, aged 18 or over, resident in the EU, EEA and Switzerland, as well as institutional investors incorporated in these countries. If you are based outside of Europe, you are welcome to join Seedrs as a member, but you will not be able to invest through us just yet (unless you have a direct connection to a business currently raising investment).

In addition to being based in Europe, you must also become “authorised” in order to invest through Seedrs. To do this, you can choose to either complete our short Investment Authorisation Questionnaire, or you may choose to self-certify as a “high net worth individual/institution” or a “sophisticated investor”. This process is intended to show us that you have the judgment and understanding to appreciate the risks involved in investing in private companies.

We’ve partnered with one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms - Seedrs. You’ll need to create an account on Seedrs here to invest. If your name appears next on the list, we’ll send you an email with a link to access our investment page.

We advise that you create an account with Seedrs before the investment round goes live to avoid potentially missing out because you have to sign up to the platform first.

Investors will receive shares in GigList in exchange for their investment. If GigList makes an exit further down the line via an IPO or a trade sale, if the company’s valuation has increased then you could make a profit on your investment. When investing in early-stage businesses like GigList, investors should assume that their shares are illiquid and that there is no simple way to sell shares until there is an exit event like IPO or trade sale.

However, the benefit of using Seedrs to run our investment round is access to The Seedrs Secondary Market. The Seedrs Secondary Market is where an investor can purchase shares in a company from an existing shareholder. The seller of those shares receives the money and there are no new shares issued by the company. Not all shares will be eligible for the Secondary Market and, even if they are, the ability to buy and sell shares will depend on demand. Investors should not assume that an early exit will be available just because a secondary market exists.

Full FAQs about The Secondary Market can be found here.

Fees are only charged to investors if the businesses they invest in increase in value and there is an exit event (like IPO, trade sale, etc). Seedrs charges a fee of 7.5% on any profit made (i.e. in excess of the capital invested) on investments held by Seedrs as nominee. They do not charge any ongoing administration or management fee for acting as nominee.

  1. Go to your campaign link which you will receive by email.
  2. Click ‘Proceed’ (or if already registered then “login” and skip to 7)
  3. Fill out your personal details and click ‘Join’
  4. Choose the investor profile that applies to you and click ‘Proceed’
  5. Click ‘Invest’
  6. Dependant on your situation you may need to provide us a screenshot/photo of a utility bill and passport/license to pass our KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Seedrs has to do this as a regulated FCA business to ensure there is no money laundering activity on our platform.
  7. Once you have passed KYC, simply enter the amount you would like to invest and voilà you’ve invested in your chosen campaign.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) checks are in place to ensure there is no money laundering activity on Seedrs. Most investors will be able to pass KYC automatically by inputting their details, however some may require a manual check. This mostly happens if, for example, you have recently moved and it isn’t yet reflected in various online databases. If you need to pass a manual check you will be asked to send the following supporting evidence to [email protected] and they will aim to get them approved as soon as possible:

  • government issued photo ID
  • a proof of address document (utility bill, bank statement, or letter from a local / national authority) showing your full name residential address and dated within the last three months.

The Financial Conduct Authority requires us to categorise investors before they invest, as “High Net Worth Investors“, “Sophisticated Investors” or “Everyday Investor“. The definitions of these terms are found in the Seedrs Glossary. If you have any questions about these, please contact [email protected].

All investments carry varying degrees of risk, and investing in early-stage and growth-focused businesses is no different. The main risk associated with investing is that the business will simply fail, and investors won’t get their money back. Illiquidity is another consideration because, even if the business succeeds, investors are unlikely to receive dividends or be able to sell their shares for a number of years. There is also a risk of dilution: if a business requires further capital in the future (a highly likely scenario), and issues more shares in exchange for that capital, the percentage of equity held by earlier investors will decrease. Please take a look at the Seedrs Risk Warning for more information.