Ahead of forthcoming new album Universal High

Just because it is Friday and all, here is a Summery soulful pop jam from Childhood. Childhood has dropped a new track Californian Light, which will feature on their forthcoming sophomore album Universal High. Due to be released July 21st on Marathon Artists!  The follow up to 2014’s Lacuna, has been produced by Ben H Allen III. If Californian Light is anything to go by there are hints at a more breezy soul vibe than their previous psych pop guise on Lacuna.



Despite the tracks laidback and happy vibe, it is actually about something a little bit deeper. Chatting to The FADER, frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft explained: “Ironically, the sentiment of ‘Californian Light,’ has nothing to do with the sunshine state at all. It was written as an ode to my relationships that define me as a person in London. The ‘light’ itself is a reference to an experience me and a bunch of my best friends had in San Francisco.”

He continued: “What we thought was an inviting celestial light, whilst we ran around inebriated one evening, actually turned out to be a beaming light from two cop cars, with their guns pointed directly at us. This deception of when something you feel is eternal and magnificent, turns out to be a brutal sobering reality, was a notion I used, to sum up, a lot of the relationships I’ve had in London over the years.”

Catch Childhood live, they are playing Live At Leeds (29th April), The Great Escape (18th-20th May) and Latitude Festival this summer.