Will Butler Announces Details Of Sophomore Solo Album - hear first single 'Surrender' here

The Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist explores his privilege and place in society on new album Generations.
Posted: 14 July 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Arcade Fire founding member and multi-instrumentalist Will Butler has revealed details of his second solo album, Generations, released this Autumn via Merge Records on September 25th.

The tide of recent global happenings has forced us all take a considered, and at times uncomfortable look in the mirror at ourselves, and for Butler, his sophomore album has done exactly that - questioning his personal privilege and his place in society, Butler compares the album to a "despairing, funny" novel that's "a little bit epic": 

"A big chunk of this record is asking: What’s my place in American history? What’s my place in America’s present? Both in general—as a participant, as we all are, in the shit that’s going down—but, also extremely particularly: me as Will Butler, rich person, white person, Mormon, Yankee, parent, musician of some sort, I guess. What do I do?"

Self-produced and recorded in his Brooklyn basement, the album was virtually completed before lockdown commenced in March, lending an oddly prescient quality to the composition.

Lead single 'Surrender' (check out the video below) initially disguised a love song laden in textured riffs and jovial choral chants, later makes itself known as an ode to friendship and addressing the fear of helplessness in a surreal, but continually evolving world. A welcome tonic. 

Generations is out on 25th September via Merge Records.

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