Battles avenge 2020's lost festivals in nuts new video for 'Sugar Foot'

Watch the AC-bu animated video here.
Posted: 30 November 2020 Words: John Bell

Experimental duo Battles have unveiled a new video for 'Sugar Foot', taken from their 2019 LP Juice B Crypts. The short debuted on Adult Swim, and was directed and animated by the Tokyo-based animation group AC-bu; their characteristic high-energy, humour and maximalism is clearly well partnered to the sonic chaos that he New York art-rockers are known for. 

The animated space odyssey clearly leans on many familiar tropes as it depicts the 'Great Space Robot Festival', that is  supposedly inspired by the centuries-old cultural tradition of local festivals called Matsuri, and seeks to "Avenge cancelled festivals and events, in the hope that humanity will be able to overcome the crisis and move towards a better world", according to a press release. Enjoy the somewhat bonkers festivities for yourself below.

Battles' four-track EP  Juice B Mixed is out now on Warp Records. 

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