Wallflower release new track 'Eat Away At My Heart' with isolation-themed music video

Wallflower reveals their new isolation themed music video to accompany their latest release, 'Eat Away At My Heart' taken from their debut album Teach Yourself To Swim to be released June 5.
Posted: 17 April 2020 Words: Chris Hartmann

Wallflower recently announced their eagerly-anticipated debut album Teach Yourself To Swim will be released June 5. Now they've unveiled a track from the album 'Eat Away At My Heart', which is out now with accompanying music video. Its pulsating guitars and urgent vocal make for a compelling composition. 

Vocalist, Vini Moreira-Yeoell says "it's a song about giving away all the best parts of yourself to someone in the hope that the person in question will like you a little more, which never works by the way." 

On top of Wallflower's original music, Isolation Covers is a new series that the band have begun to roll out while they're holed up at home, kicking off with a cover of Bon Iver's 'Hey Ma'. Their re-imagining of the track is available on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to mental health charity CALM during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Wallflower's craft is continually evolving, and this flow of creativity has led them to the collection of tracks that make up Teach Yourself To Swim. The art of the LP is one that's extremely important to the members of Wallflower, and they approached their debut full length with great care and attention to craft something fascinating, personal and authentic. Teach Yourself To Swim undulates between more familiar tropes and unexpected twists and turns. Having already touched on themes of existentialism, ageing and purpose within their music, they've gone further deep than ever before. The ultimate aim with Teach Yourself To Swim was for Wallflower to create a body of art that's timeless. And they've done just that. It will resonate with listeners and envelope their consciousness.  

Listen to more from Wallflower, here

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