LIVE: Twin Peaks @ Gorilla, Manchester

The five-piece indie-rock band play in Manchester during their UK tour, showcasing their latest album.
Posted: 24 February 2020 Words: Amy Williams
One of Manchester's most trendy venues, Gorilla, is the setting. Filled from wall-to-wall the crowd begins to bounce as soon as Twin Peaks kick off the show with their first song 'Under The Pines'. The Chicago quintet wore loosely buttoned, oversized t-shirts, dressed as the classic indie band fans know and love, their style matching their on-stage presence: effortlessly cool.

Twin Peaks are so comfortable and natural while they perform that sometimes it feels as though they don't know the crowd is there. That's what is so great about seeing them live - they get as lost in the music. You can forget the difference between the fanbase and the band on stage.

As they start to play 'Wanted You', pink spotlights begin to circle the walls of Gorilla, around the disco ball as everyone sway and sing along in unison. Singer Cadien Lake James thrashes his guitar heavily and harmonises vocals with bassist Jack Dolan. Favourites of the night were 'Dance Through It' from the new album 'Lookout Low', sung by guitarist Clay Frankel. One of their more famous songs 'Making Breakfast' receives the best reaction of the night, with prominent crashing guitar and drums create that unique Twin Peak sound. Colin Croom on keyboards and drummer Connor Brodner join in with vocals as well. Even though five members were harmonising, they didn't miss a beat.

The energy on stage is addictive, and fans continue to get more frenetic as they throw themselves around the room, holding each other up and screaming lyrics. The band embrace the rowdiness as a few fans invade the stage and dived to surf over the crowd. An encore was inevitable as the crowd beg for more.

Intense energy soars over the entire room as Twin Peaks walk back on stage; 'Oh Mama!' begins the crowd react as if they've just heard the first chord of the night. The excitement from the audience exceeds everything that came before, as they wail lyrics to the stage with hurled hands waving in the air. The best thing about a Twin Peaks show is that the band are without a shadow of doubt having just as great a time as every single person crammed inside Gorilla.

Photo credit: Joao Machado

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