TRAAMS return after lengthy absence with 9-minute epic 'The Greyhound'

Featuring Lewis from Black Country, New Road on sax, the Chichester trio return to their sprawling, motorik best after a near five year hiatus.
Posted: 11 August 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Having virtually called it quits with critical acclaim galore within touching distance after their 2016 single 'A House on Fire', TRAAMS all but solidified their status as one of post-punk's more influential and mythic contemporary acts. Now, with post-punk more prominent than ever, it's fitting they've returned with sprawling 9-minute odyssey 'The Greyhound'

As one part of a three-single release on long-term label FatCat Records, 'The Greyhound' features Black Country, New Road's Lewis Evans on saxophone and is produced by friend and frequent collaborator Theo Verney.

TRAAMS' motorik, discordant trademarks are still intact, but the incorporation of new sounds and textures signal a vault into an expansive a new era for the Chichester trio. A continual, kaleidoscopic track that builds into one of the band's imitable crescendos, 'The Greyhound' ponders themes of life cycles, personal growth, fulfilment, and subsequent closure. It's a trip.

Check out the new single below:

To hear more from TRAAMS, click here.

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