Thirty Seconds from Mars New Single Teaser

Thirty Seconds from Mars tease New Single Thirty Seconds to Mars announce their new single, "Walk On Water" Thirty Seconds to Mars are known
Posted: 15 August 2017 Words: Kerri Wynter

Thirty Seconds to Mars announce their new single, "Walk On Water"

This announcement marks the end of a four-year wait for new music from the trio. Thirty Seconds to Mars are known for their well-executed concept albums and emotive rock songs that stand the test of time. On the 14th of August, the band confirmed that they would be adding to their discography. Jared Leto (vocals) took to Twitter earlier this month to mock the length of time fans have had to wait for their new music. Leto captioned a photo of himself as a child playing the piano with the words: "When I started working on our latest album..." The upcoming album will be the band's fifth studio release. And on Saturday, the actor announced that a "...huge announcement [was] coming Monday." The "huge announcement" came in the form of a promotional video that acts as a follow-up to the dramatic audiovisual used to commemorate the event of the band signing to Interscope Records. The video that was shared across the band's social media yesterday starts with a shot of a beautiful skyline, as text focuses the scene to an 'Interscope Label Meeting.' The footage features Jared Leto, alongside his brother Shannon Leto (Drums), and Tomo Miličević (Guitar) in a board meeting set-up. The unimpressive and rundown office juxtaposes with the first scene and contains little furniture other than mismatched chairs. Perhaps this is to express how the record label is suffering without new content from the band. Behind a shabby desk is a man who expresses anger in the fact that new music needs to be a released now, not soon. The thirty-seven-second trailer ends with the song's title and release date being shown alongside '#SOON.' The clip comes to an end with a snippet of Leto's vocals. The UK will be able to hear the new single from 1pm on the 22nd of August, before The band are set to perform at MTV's 2017 Video Music Awards. Watch the teaser below.

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