New Music: Tennis - "No Exit"

Listen to Denver indie-pop duo Tennis new single "No Exit" following their latest album Yours Conditionally released in March.
Posted: 23 August 2017 Words: Michelle Kim

Listen to new song from Tennis "No Exit"

Denver indie-pop duo Tennis have shared a new single "No Exit". On a message via Facebook singer Alaina Moore describes the track as “passion project: a dance song for my inner nihilist.” The duo released their latest album Yours Conditionally only a few months back in March this year. Writing on their Facebook page, Moore describes how "No Exit" was conceived;
I have never related to songs that invoke a carefree, forever young, dance until dawn state of mind. The young-beautiful-fun mantra mostly just reminds me of the opposite. Escapism is shot through with sadness, even on the dance floor. Patrick [Riley] and I are devoutly mid-tempo songwriters, a fact I wanted to remedy by creating a dancey 120 bpm sort of thing that appeals to my persistent sense of malaise. No Exit is a song I hope you can enjoy regardless of your appetite for fun.
Listen to “No Exit” below.

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