Album Preview: Table Scraps - Autonomy

Album Preview: Table Scraps - Autonomy Sneak preview of Table Scrap's upcoming LP - Autonomy Garage punk isn't dead. Table Scraps have proved this point
Posted: 12 January 2018 Words: Alice Matthews

Sneak preview of Table Scraps' upcoming LP - Autonomy

Garage punk isn't dead. Table Scraps have proved this point with their upcoming album, Autonomy out on 23rd February via Zen Ten. We've been handed the LP for a preview listen. Table Scraps are Scott Vincent Abbott (Guitar & Vocals), Poppy Twist (Drums & Vocals) and TJ (Bass & Vocals). Self-desribed on their Bandcamp page, the Birmingham-based trio produce 'raw, dark, fuzzed out garage rock'. All tracks are produced in-house by the group, so far they've released a range of 7” singles and an LP. Autonomy was recorded in a 'very un-soundproofed' breeze block 5x5m room, which is something that certainly transcends throughout the album. From a first listen to the album, it's clear that Table Scraps are angry. The subject of their anger is more elusive than other punk bands however, who perhaps channel their anger into politically charged lyrics. With Autonomy, the group stick to a simple set of chords combined with interesting synth effects. Lyrics are often relatively simplistic (see 'Sick of Me'), but this doesn't take away from the overall sound. Fast and furious the ten tracks nearly all clock in at under the three minute mark, the result is an angsty, addictive whirlwind. The opening track, 'Sick of Me', was premiered back in November. The lyrics 'Are you sick, sick, sick, sick of me?' get stuck in your head pretty quickly. Of the song, Scott Vincent Abbott said: "Sick of Me is about when friendships stagnate and minor annoyance gives way to mouldering resentment. It’s dedicated to everyone just about keeping a lid on telling that one person how you really feel and cutting them loose.” This feeling of 'just about keeping a lid on it' reflects how I feel about the album as a whole. I'd have liked to see the group completely lose control in one of the tracks.  As the album races on, 'I'm a Failure' impresses with its self-deprecating lyrics. Following on, both the vocals and bass in 'Taking Out The Trash' remind me of The Black Keys. There's something about the drawn out, slightly nasal singing style which is both familiar and appealing. Mid-album, Table Scraps take a supernatural turn. A ghostly guitar riff punctuates 'My Obsession', and then spooky synths galore make 'Frankenstein' a personal favourite. As the final track, Do It All Over Again, fades out, you find yourself automatically wanting to play the record again. Autonomy is a fun album. It is experimental enough to win over new fans, while also sticking closely to the group's influences. The result is very hard to forget. Listen to "Sick Of Me" below. Interested in Table Scraps? They'll be touring the UK in February/March. 23rd February - Foodhall, Sheffield 27th February - Hope & Ruin, Brighton 28th February - Shacklewell Arms, London 1st March - 60MPC, Bournemouth 2nd March - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham 3rd March - Old England, Bristol Listen to 'Sick of Me' on Soundcloud here.

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