Roxy Girls share raucous new single 'Dirtier'

One of the UK's most exciting new bands and Sunderland's very own post-punk 4-piece Roxy Girls returns with the announcement of their frenzied new single ‘Dirtier’. The track is taken from their new EP ‘A Wealth Of Information’, which is due out 5th June 2020.
Posted: 16 April 2020 Words: Chris Hartmann

Sunderland post-punk 4-piece Roxy Girls have shared their new release ‘Dirtier’. The single is from their new EP ‘A Wealth Of Information’, which is due out 5th June 2020 via Moshi Moshi Records.

Speaking about the new single, the band says, “some things are better left unsaid to avoid the clean-up operation needed to right their wrongs. In this instance, they weren’t left unsaid, so expression through song was obligatory - I thought the use of dirty in 3 different languages was good for emphasis... The music was written during the small hours in the basement of Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland and the words shortly before an Uber trip to a soul night in Leeds.”

‘A Wealth Of Information’ sees Roxy Girls expand on their unique post-punk style. While the band still conveys the same breathless intensity in their instrumentation, the new material also finds them developing on their raw sound and experimenting with more refined production techniques. Whereas ‘A Poverty Of Attention’ introduced Roxy Girls explosive high-energy, ‘A Wealth Of Information’ exemplifies a more considered insight to the band. While the musicianship is still primarily rooted in hook-driven indie-rock territory, the new EP shows a very natural evolution of a sound that has become entirely their own.

Speaking about the new EP Roxy Girls frontman, Tom Hawick says, A progression in musicianship and technicality, A Wealth Of Information takes A Poverty Of Attention and flips it on its head. Focusing on the tropes of 21st-century living and the mundanity that comes with it, these songs focus on themes that have, in one way or another, affected each mortal modern human life.”

With the announcement of the new EP and the band hoping to play further shows later this year, Roxy Girls show no signs of slowing as they continue on their rapid upwards trajectory. For the long-term fans, this EP is a clear display of bands thirst to adapt and transform, and for those who are hearing them for the first time, there could be no better moment to find them.

‘A Wealth Of Information’ is due out 5th June via Moshi Moshi Records Pre-order here

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