Rex share enthralling new track 'Lovers Like We Used To Be'

The Amsterdam-based trio, Rex share their new track 'Lovers Like We Used To Be', influenced by the music of Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen they welcome the release of their debut EP this spring.
Posted: 27 April 2020 Words: Chris Hartmann

Known for their curvatures of post-punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based trio Rex explore themes around the darker side of life. Caught in a whirlwind of frustration over dead-end relationships, the band release new track 'Lovers Like We Used To Be'.

Straddling genres with a sensational blend of melodious guitar riffs, snazzy drumbeats and lead singer Jonathan's robust vocals, 'Lovers Like We Used To Be' is subjected around hopeless romanticism and resentment.

In talks of the new release frontman and guitarist, Jonathan Rex says: "It's a story that happens on a certain night when you think it's better to leave a person because all that you have done together is repetitive. You're left feeling frustrated, but soon realise that it's your own patterns that causes the friction. When you return, it's too late and realise you hardly knew her."

Rex are Jonathan Rex (guitar, vocals) with his dark, deep voice, was born with flamenco in his blood. Nout Kooij (drums) has his roots in the punk but can also play the drums with a feather and rounding out the trio, Sara Elzinga (bass) comes from a family where blues music came before learning to walk.

To hear more from Rex, click here.

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