In Review: Yellow Days - 'Love Is Everywhere'

A unique way of breaking down stigma, 'Love Is Everywhere' sees Yellow Days courageously address personal mental health issues in what he's self-described as “upbeat existential millennial crisis music”.
Posted: 25 May 2020 Words: Tom Cramp

“Upbeat existential millennial crisis music” is how George Van Den Broek aka Yellow Days, described the vibe of his upcoming project A Day In A Yellow Beat. Having released the first single of the LP earlier this month, the Manchester-born soul specialist has blessed us again with another taste of what’s to come on August 7.

You don’t have to listen to ‘Love Is Everywhere’ for long to understand what his description meant. Funky slap-bass and a quick snare are followed by a confident, passionate voice that oozes maturity beyond its years. These elements combine to create a feel-good summer beat that might just be what the disillusioned youth of today needed right now.

Inspiration from soul-legend Ray Charles is apparent throughout the song, as is an earnest, King Krule-style catharsis. It’s an uplifting ode to self-acceptance and self-appreciation - “now everybody has their own way, now, no two people are the same. But if you feel the way I do about it, well, there’s no reason to care.”

Yellow Days courageously addresses personal issues of mental health and channels his experiences into funky R&B/soul – a unique way of breaking down stigma. Melancholy is present in his music, but what this self-taught multi-instrumentalist does excellently in ‘Love Is Everywhere’ is replace looming dark clouds with beaming sunshine. It’s an original, refreshing approach to problems that young people face each and every day. 

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