In Review: Winter - 'Here I Am Existing'

The LA-via-Brazil artist takes listeners on a celestial journey in her latest offering from upcoming full-length Endless Space (Between You & I).
Posted: 29 May 2020 Words: Tom Cramp

Have you ever wondered what travelling through a quasar might sound like? Celestial dream-pop project Winter might be coming close to figuring it out with ‘Here I Am Existing’, the third single from upcoming album Endless Space (Between You & I). So far, the LP is looking like Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Samara Winter’s most established project, with this most recent track having shoegazers rubbing their hands together at the thought of what is to come in July.

Winter’s vocals blend effortlessly with high-pitched, atmospheric guitar riffs and a languid drumbeat. According to the artist, the song lyrics explore the idea of “being in natural harmony with one’s surroundings,” and are inspired by a poem by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver, titled I’m Feeling Fabulous, Possibly Too Much So. But I Love It.

‘Here I Am Existing’ is a track that leaves you feeling cerebrally enhanced. It goes down particularly well on a fine summer’s day; the lyrics “Sky blue, here I am existing in you” setting the scene perfectly. The video is tastefully shot on Super 8 tape and together with the audio evokes nostalgia of the classic 1960s psych-rock era and encapsulates the otherworldly nature of the track. It transports the listener to a different dimension; the astral plane perhaps.

Endless Space (Between You & I) is released 24 July 2020 on Bar/None Records

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