In Review: Sofia Wolfson - 'Billboard'

The dreamy new single from the LA singer-songwriter was inspired by a string of blurred but related dreams.
Posted: 24 June 2020 Words: John Bell

Self-proclaimed ‘sad girl’ Sofia Wolfson has today released ‘Billboard’, a song that surpasses her own adage as she lucidly mediates between bad dreams and reality from a a blurred and confused standpoint. 

The track is supposedly inspired by seeing the ghost of an ex on a Boston billboard, the memories that consequently collaged onto the present and the disassociate effects this had on reality. "‘Billboard’ became a reflection on a relationship I was half-in half-out of at the time," Wolfson explains, "which I found to be even harder than being fully broken up. I didn’t know what I was doing or how to communicate, so I ended up internalising a lot of the feelings, which led to all the bad dreams. The song also explores themes of memory and the distortion of it."

As always, the up-and-coming Los Angeles artist's vocals glide and surprise on this latest release with seeming ease; though there are signs of heartbreak in her cadences, the overall effect of 'Billboard' is dreamlike. Like the nervous flickering of a candle or the fluttering of eyes during an REM cycle, strings and percussion glint on the periphery as if waiting for a welcome. 

The reflective and solitary track follows the more upbeat and sing-along 'Party Favours', both of which point towards a possible release to follow Wolfson's 2019 EP Adulting

See Sofia on a billboard of her own in the video below. 

'Billboard' is out today. Click here to hear more from Sofia Wolfson.

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