In Review: Porridge Radio (feat. Lala Lala) - ‘Good For You’

An ode to love gone wrong, and the resentment and discomfort stirred up as a result, the Mercury Prize Award nominees' recent single overflows with melancholy.
Posted: 25 July 2020 Words: Alice Shuttleworth

Porridge Radio and Lala Lala together is a collaboration that (some) dreams are made of: in 'Good For You', the Brighton-based four piece and Chicago native Lala Lala otherwise known as Lillie West have successfully transcended the cages implemented by lockdown to create a beautiful piece of musical and lyrical art from opposite ends of the Atlantic.

It’s a welcome surprise to have new music from Porridge Radio so soon after their lauded, now-Mercury Prize Award nominated album Every Bad was released in March of this year. Lala Lala and Grapetooth's collaboration back in February delighted us, resulting in songs ‘Fantasy Movie’ and ‘Valentine’, following on from 'Siren 042' in January 2019 and her stand out album The Lamb in 2018.

Written and recorded entirely in quarantine, Porridge Radio’s vocalist, songwriter, and lead guitarist Dana Margolin describes as “a really easy and fun process”. Produced by Porridge Radio's drummer (Sam), there’s something so effortlessly ethereal and relatable about ‘Good For You’. Lyrics such as “full of love and full of sadness, I miss everything you said” scratch at your tear ducts, the entire song overflowing with melancholy, odes to love gone wrong, and the resentment and discomfort stirred up as a result. There’s no denying Dana’s vulnerability and rawness in her lyrics are a big part of Porridge Radio’s charm. It’s easy to empathise and immediately be drawn into her world with every emotional confession, and Lillie’s influence only further pulls you deeper.

‘Good For You’ is every bit the collaboration you'd hope it to be, and maybe, just maybe, this isn’t the last we see from Porridge Radio and Lala Lala’s beautiful chemistry.

To hear more from Porridge Radio, click here.

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