In Review: Pond – ‘Pink Lunettes’

Speeding toward "totally wired wobble punk", the hectic synths and high-tempo drums on the psychster's new single sounds like travelling through a kaleidoscopic wormhole.
Posted: 6 April 2021 Words: Tom Cramp

Australian psych-rock band Pond return with an energetic single by the name of ‘Pink Lunettes’, just as signs of spring begin to show themselves. The Perth-based collective have always had something of a luminous vibe and are usually best heard in a field with thousands of other people basking in the summer sun. ‘Pink Lunettes’ is missing that lazy, hands-in-the-air festival atmosphere but instead brings a pacy rhythm that’s enough to whip a crowd up into a frenzy.

The single is their first release since their 2019 album Tasmania and instils a very different mood - where Tasmania, co-produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, brought things right down to a slow stroll, ‘Pink Lunettes’ speeds things up to a full-blown sprint. Psychedelic influence is still present throughout the track though; the hectic synths and high-tempo drums could easily be the soundtrack to travelling through some sort of kaleidoscopic wormhole.

“We sort of lurched straight outta mid-tempo into totally wired speed wobble punk so I didn’t really have time to write lyrics, just blurt scrapbook snippets and jitter around in fast forward,” frontman and former Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook said in a recent press release. “I think we managed to jitter along the neon tightrope between totally unhinged, strobing spontaneity and focused forward momentum.” 

To hear more from Pond, click here.

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