In Review: PINS - 'Ghosting'

Moving towards a synth-heavy, disco-esque presentation of punk, PINS' swagger is impossible to turn away from.
Posted: 26 April 2020 Words: Sam Barker

With ‘Ghosting’, the fifth single from PINS’ forthcoming album Hot Slick, the Mancunian trio – singer/guitarist Faith Vern, bassist Kyoko Swan, and guitarist Lois MacDonald – cement the band’s movement towards a synth-heavy, disco-esque presentation of punk. There’s more than a suggestion of stylings drawn from St. Vincent’s eponymous art-rock album, and the dirty disco tracks that comprise Fat White Family’s Songs for Our Mothers. No surprise then that this track (as well as other guests spots on the forthcoming album) features none other than Fat White’s Nathan Saoudi on keyboards. 

‘Ghosting’ starts off menacingly, the drums driving the affair before gaining traction, building into aggressively arpeggiated synth movements with a demanding beat and a simple-yet-effective bassline grounding it all. It’s hyperactive, unwilling to sit still – the song equivalent of a shaking leg that rocks the whole body. It feels like an incredibly caffeine-driven attempt at staving off a foreboding drunkenness, ever so slightly messy while remaining focused; out of sorts, disorienting, it dips in and out, almost absent-mindedly losing its way halfway through its run-time before the anthemic chorus’ repetitive strains kick back in.

Put simply, ‘Ghosting’ is a brilliant track: infectious and impossible to turn away from, dazzling and overwhelming, like the glitzy rays of a disco ball beaming into your eyes at point blank range. Alongside the confident swagger of ‘After Hours,’ the jerky, loose fun of ‘Ponytail,’ the anthemic ‘Bad Girls Forever,’ and the darkly propulsive glam-punk of titular ‘Hot Slick’, ‘Ghosting’ previews an album that will no doubt be hotly anticipated by anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary punk albums commanding the airwaves. 

Hot Slick comes out on 29th May via PINS' own label Haus Of Pins. To hear more from PINS, click here.

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