In Review: Matt Maltese - 'hi'

The South Londoner shares mellow offerings on his alluring new track.
Posted: 21 July 2020 Words: Jess Edwards

Last year saw the release of Matt Maltese's sophomore album Krystal, a shedding of the skin in light of quiet contemplation. Fast forward to the confusion of present-day, and the South Londoner has now announced the release of his since much anticipated EP madhouse, a pensive reflection of humans' "ever-hopeful quest for meaning and love." 

Written in collaboration with Rose Elinor Dougall and Ed Holloway, 'hi' is the second instalment and one of six tracks from the forthcoming EPThe follow-up to the critically-acclaimed lead single 'queen bee' – which features The Lemon Twigs' Brian D'Addario on guitar and Sorry's Asha Lorenz on vocals – the track is "an ode to someone who's there for you and has been there for you all along," explains Matt. "It's a song that tries to capture the moment that your love for someone reveals itself to you." 

A laid back love song veiled with elegant and witty poeticism, 'hi' features layerings of transient swirls atop minimal percussive elements forging an endearing ambience to cushion Matt's lonesome musings. Iridescent vocals lie cosily within the track gifting us with a series of soothing inflexions irresistible to the human ear. 

For new listeners, 'hi' is a warm welcome into Matt's idiosyncratic and loveable domain and should not go amiss –"I wanna be the light in your eyes / I wanna be the cat by your side / I wanna be the French to your fries, hi!"


madhouse will be released August 7th via Nettwerk. 

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